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Professional Disciplinary Actions

Are you facing professional disciplinary actions in Hawaii?

Olson & Sons have been providing reliable legal consultation and services in Hawaii to patrons coming from all walks of life. We have tried over 500 cases in both in-court and out-of-court settings – a milestone that we’re particularly proud of.

Over the years, we have gained impeccable know-how of representing professionals in disciplinary investigations in Hawaii and formal disciplinary actions in Hawaii brought on by the state and federal administrative agencies as well as by self-regulatory organizations.

The team of attorneys for Professional Disciplinary Actions in Hawaii at Olson & Sons has substantial experience in representing professionals throughout the legal process. This involves:

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  • Preparing the required documentation for responding to allegations
  • Studying various legal guidelines and published decisions of the state or federal administrative agencies or self-regulatory organizations to build formidable defenses
  • Assist professionals with preparing for interviews and serving as their counsel
  • Negotiating settlements
  • Responding to disciplinary complaints
  • Preparing pre-trial motions
  • Representing professionals in court

We are adept at negotiating settlements of formal disciplinary actions with state and federal agencies as well as self-regulatory organizations. If required, we aggressively defend professionals in court.

Types of Investigations and Disciplinary Actions in Hawaii

Our attorney for Professional Disciplinary Actions in Hawaii represents professionals in the following types of disciplinary investigations and disciplinary actions:

  • Investigations and formal disciplinary actions in Hawaii brought against professionals in the securities industry
  • Disciplinary investigations in Hawaii, civil actions, as well as administrative actions brought against directors, officers, and employees in the securities industry by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Ethics investigations against and disciplinary hearings for certified financial planners by concerned authorities
  • Misconduct investigations of and disciplinary hearings for healthcare professionals by concerned authorities
  • Grievance investigations and formal disciplinary proceedings against lawyers by concerned legal authorities
  • Disciplinary investigations and formal disciplinary actions against certified public accountants
  • Misconduct investigations and disciplinary proceedings against physical and mental health professionals, veterinarians, and other licensed professionals

How Disciplinary Investigations Arise in Hawaii

Depending on the case, an investigator for the state of Hawaii or a federal administrative agency or a self-regulatory organization prepares and sends a notice of investigation to the professional or the professional’s practice or business.

This notice mentions that the concerned agency/organization is actively conducting an inquiry against the professional in a certain matter.

The professional may be asked to submit a copy of their records in the said matter.

The agency’s/organization’s notice may also ask the professional to submit a written and signed statement about potentially violating the laws and/or rules of their profession or industry, as applicable.

Further, the professional may be asked to provide answers to specific questions and provide copies of all communications related to the matter.

The agency/organization may ask the professional to testify under oath during an on-the-record interview.

Please note that ignoring the concerned agency’s or organization’s request for information, documents or records will attract a hefty penalty. This includes suspension from a practice or a lifetime ban.

Don’t let this happen to you. Contact a reputed attorney for Professional Disciplinary Actions in Hawaii today.

Hire an Attorney for Professional Disciplinary Actions in Hawaii

If you’re a professional facing professional disciplinary actions in Hawaiiandhave received an inquiry letter or a notice of investigation from a federal or administrative agency or a self-regulatory organization, Olson & Sons is here for you. You can reach our team at the Kona office on (808) 427-1025 or the Kamuela office on (808) 201-1679. You can also schedule an appointment on our website.