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Hawaii Litigation Attorneys

Representing Residents and Businesses of Kona (Kailua) and Kamuela (Waimea) in a Wide Variety of Legal Disputes

While many of us may never need a lawyer, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in a dispute that you can’t get resolved to your satisfaction. In those instances, an experienced litigation attorney can identify the legal issues involved and leverage the strengths of your position in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Sometimes, just getting a lawyer involved can get the dispute resolved quickly and to the benefit of all parties involved. Other times, unfortunately, you need a lawyer who is willing and able to see your case all the way through to end, including pursuing the matter through the court system.

With decades of experience, the litigation attorneys at Olson & Sons know how to get our clients the results they deserve. If you’re bogged down in a dispute that isn’t getting resolved, give us a call at 808-331-3113 for our Kona (Kailua) office or 808-885-8533 for our Kamuela (Waimea) office.

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Qualified to Represent Litigants is Wide Range of Cases

The litigation attorneys at Olson & Sons handle almost any legal dispute, from business disputes to probate matters to contested divorce. We understand that each of these types of cases has its nuances with specific challenges and objectives. Every case is unique, and our clients get personalized representation no matter what kind of dispute they are involved in.

Civil Litigation

We handle a wide variety of civil litigation matters. While civil litigation is typically a dispute over money, we understand that the case may involve issues that go beyond the dollars and cents. Here are the types of civil litigation cases that we routinely handle:

Our lawyers have the experience and skills to handle almost any kind of civil litigation.

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If you’re involved in a dispute that may end up in court or an active lawsuit, Olson & Sons, Attorneys at Law, can help. We have the experience to provide the legal representation you need in order to get the results you want. Our attorneys can help you prioritize your objectives, develop a litigation strategy, and then execute your plan. No matter what kind of legal dispute you’re facing, call us at 808-331-3113 for our Kona (Kailua) office or 808-885-8533 for our Kamuela (Waimea) office to see how we can help.