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Excessive Speeding Lawyers

Excessive Speeding Lawyers in Kona (Kailua) and Kamuela (Waimea)

Excessive Speeding cases commonly arise in speed trap areas like: 1) Saddle Road near the Pohakuloa Training Area, 2) near Pu`uanahulu on the upper road between Kona and Waimea (Kamuela), 3) the lower Road between Kona and Waimea (Kamuela), and 4) Keahole Airport in Kona.

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Hawaii Revised Statues §291C-105 Excessive speeding, states, in relevant part:”(a) No person shall drive a motor vehicle at a speed exceeding:

(1) The applicable state or county speed limit by thirty miles per hour or more; or

(2) Eighty miles per hour or more irrespective of the applicable state or county speed limit.[]”

If you are cited for Excessive Speeding you should contact an attorney immediately as you face, for a first offense, mandatory penalties of at least: 36 hours of Community Service or 48 hours of Jail, $500.00 Fine, 30 day license suspension, Court fees, Driver retraining course, and the triggering of an SR-22 insurance requirement (which the Court will most likely not advise you of).

We are perhaps one of the most experienced firms litigating Excessive Speeding Cases in the State of Hawaii. Our attorneys’ efforts have resulted in numerous: outright dismissals, reduction of charges, acquittals (not guilty verdicts), and at least 12 cases where a client’s conviction at the trial level was reversed on appeal based upon our attorneys’ proper objections regarding the accuracy of the police’s laser gun / speedometer reading. The government is required to establish that the speed device was kept and operated in accordance with manufacture specifications. Our attorneys challenge the government in their attempts to establish such.

We are Excessive Speeding attorneys in Kailua, the greater Kona area, and Kamuela (Waimea), please call 808-331-3113 in Kona or 808-885-8533 in Kamuela for an appointment.

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