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Hawaii Contract Preparation

Contract Preparation and Advice Attorneys in Kona (Kailua) and Kamuela

Olson & Sons advise clients regarding terms of a negotiated contract and general advice to assure your business interests are being protected in a contract in Kona or Kamuela.

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Experienced Contract Preparation Attorneys

You should seek legal counsel if you are entering into a contract or have questions regarding an already existing contract in Kona or Kamuela. Often times it is the terms which are not included in a contract which lead to confusion and thus a dispute. Furthermore, there are specific laws which require that an agreement be in writing to be enforceable. Olson & Sons can help.

We are contracts attorneys, please call 808-331-3113 in Kona or 808-885-8533 in Kamuela for an appointment.

*Nothing herein constitutes legal advice, you should seek an attorney before you take any action, nor does anything herein create an attorney client relationship.