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Due to the high costs and time associated with probate, many people set up trusts to protect their assets thinking that it will be safer and less expensive to administer than a will. While sound estate planning can always minimize potential risks and maximize your protection, disputes can still arise. Trust disputes can become emotionally charged, and as a result, be very difficult to resolve without litigation.

If you or your family is locked in a dispute involving a loved one’s trust, you should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. The trust litigation attorneys at Olson & Sons, Attorneys at Law, have the experience you need to resolve the issue in a timely and cost-effective manner. If you want to discuss how we can help you, call us today at 808-331-3113 for our Kona (Kailua) office or 808-885-8533 for our Kamuela (Waimea) office to talk with one of our trust litigation attorneys.

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Common Trust Disputes

Trust disputes can arise due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s motivated by personal reasons. Long-simmering family disputes have a tendency to boil over once there is a lot of money and valuable assets at stake. In other cases, the creator of the trust may have precipitated the dispute by making some unusual arrangements that come as a shock to their close family members and friends.There are other cases where the beneficiaries aren’t certain as to how to interpret certain provisions of the trust or have other valid concerns related to how the trust was created and it’s validity. Alternatively, the beneficiaries may have concerns with how the trustee has managed the assets of the trust.

Of course, there are cases that involve all of these issues and more. Here are some of the trust disputes that we routinely help our clients get resolved:

  • Issues involving the creation and legality of the trust
  • Questions concerning the interpretation of certain provisions or the trust as a whole
  • Issues concerning how the trustee has administered the trust
  • Issues involving creditors’ claims against the trust

With decades of experience, our Hawaii attorneys know how to resolve these issues as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Time is of the Essence

We understand that people are often unwilling to litigate matters that involve their family and other loved ones. However, the longer you wait to engage an attorney, the harder, and more acrimonious, it may be to undo the damage done. Wait too long, and you may not be able to bring any claim at all, regardless of good your argument is or how unfairly you have been treated.

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With decades of experience, the attorneys at Olson & Sons understand the issues and the dynamics involved in trust litigation. More importantly, we know how to get these disputes resolved. Call us at 808-331-3113 for our Kona (Kailua) office or 808-885-8533 for our Kamuela (Waimea) office to speak with one of our trust litigation attorneys today.