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Kona Kamuela Divorce Attorneys

Divorce Lawyers in Kona and Kamuela, Hawaii

Perhaps moreso than other litigation areas, such as DUI, marriage dissolution has both emotional and financial aspects. In order to thrive, most children need solid relationships with both their parents. Furthermore, a Hawaii County judge will only approve divorce property settlements that do not create an unfair burden for either party.

At Olson & Sons, our Koma divorce lawyers understand your needs in both these areas. So, we work hard from beginning to end.

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Getting Started

Hawaii is a no-fault divorce state, but that does not mean the process will be quick or easy. Therefore, our Kamuela divorce lawyers hit the ground running.

When we file initial paperwork, we dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. Then, we aggressively represent you at the divorce temporary hearing. That stance sets the tone for the remainder of the case.

As the marriage dissolution matter moves on, our experienced Kona divorce lawyers work to uphold your legal and financial rights. We also keep the lines of communication open.

Resolving Your Divorce

All that hard work pays off. Pretrial settlement negotiations resolve most of the divorce cases we handle. So, you are able to get back to living life. However, if a trial is in your best interests, we do not back down from a fight.

Our Kamuela divorce lawyers offer long-lasting solutions. But since life changes happen, some modification is inevitable. For example, people move and parenting time arrangements must reflect current realities. So, we continue to be there when you need us.

If you need legal help at any stage of divorce, call Olson & Sons, L.C. We have offices in Kona and Kamuela.