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Kona (Kailua) and Kamuela (Waimea) Land Use Attorneys

Hawaii Lawyers Representing Clients throughout the Land Use and Zoning Process

If you’re dealing with a land use or zoning issue, you may be learning that the process can be complicated and highly technical. For non-lawyers, the process can be frustrating when it is keeping you from accomplishing your goals, whether they are personal or business-oriented. Seeking advice from an experienced land use attorney can help protect your rights and the value of your property.

The land use attorneys at Olson & Sons understand the needs of property owners and can help you navigate the land use and zoning process. If you’d like to discuss how we can help, contact us at 808-331-3113 for our Kona (Kailua) office or 808-885-8533 for our Kamuela (Waimea) office to speak with one of our experienced land use attorneys.

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Local and State Land Use Laws

Hawaii land use and zoning matters are governed by a complex overlay of state and local laws and regulations. In some cases, you may need help simply understanding the law in order to determine what you need to do in order to comply. In other cases, you may need to seek an exception to the law. At other times, our clients find themselves needing to challenge the law itself, or establishing an argument as to why the law shouldn’t apply to their property.

We’ve represented clients before both county and state agencies, including the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources, the Leeward Planning Commission, and various other departments of public works and planning commissions.

The Process is as Important as the Law

Most land use cases are decided through an administrative process and without the intervention of a judge. The process may involve comparatively informal hearings in front of a local land use or zoning authority. While these initial stages may seem less formal than a court proceeding, they are no less important than a hearing in front of a judge. You may be required to exhaust the administrative process before you can file suit, and a court may not consider any arguments or evidence that weren’t presented during the administrative process. As a result, it is critical that the administrative process be handled correctly and with careful consideration from the very first step.

Common Land Use Issues

We work with clients in a wide variety of land use matters. Here are some of the land use issues we routinely assist our clients with:

  • Development issues
  • Covenants and restrictions
  • Access issues
  • Easement negotiation and disputes
  • Zoning compliance and enforcement

We have represented parties on both sides of the issue, and we’re confident that we can help you resolve whatever issue you may be facing.

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The land use attorneys at Olson & Sons have helped businesses, individuals, and families find their way through the land use and zoning process. We focus on cost-effective, strategic representation to get the results you need. Call Olson & Sons at 808-331-3113 for our Kona (Kailua) office or 808-885-8533 for our Kamuela (Waimea) office to discuss how our land use attorneys can help you protect your property rights.