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Quiet Title Attorneys

Kona (Kailua) and Kamuela (Waimea) Quiet Title Lawyers

A common issue here on the Big Island in Kona and Kamuela, and the State of Hawaii, is Quiet Title. Hawaii has a unique history within the United States in regards to its property law.

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Hawaii was once a Kingdom, and it was not until 1848 that private property existed. Since then it was common that property was passed from generation to generation without a will. Today, a common result of this, by the laws of intestate succession, is that many family members end up owning a small interest in a particular property such as kuleana land. Without the consent of all the owners of a property, it is impossible to make the property marketable (encumber with mortgage or sell). If you encounter title problems regarding your property, including kuleana land, we can assist you in Kona or Kamuela with a quiet title action or reaching a settlement with the interested parties. We have helped many families establish clear title to their family land both inside and out of litigation in Kona and Kamuela.

Partition: Furthermore when two or more individuals or businesses own property and a dispute arises over said property, we assist clients in a partition. The property is then divided by a court order and sold at a public auction and/or subdivided in Kona or Kamuela.

We are Quiet Title and Partition attorneys in Kona and Kamuela, please call 808-331-3113 in Kona or 808-885-8533 in Kamuela for an appointment.

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