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Wills and Trusts
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Estate Planning: Wills and Trusts Attorneys in Kona (Kailua) and Kamuela (Waimea)


Olson & Sons can advise you of ways to protect your property and to pass such your family, friends, or charity. We can assist you in your estate planning including drawing up your Will, Trust, Health Care Directive, Power of Attorney, or initiating a Guardianship of a loved one in Kona and Kamuela.

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Wills – Our lawyers can assist you in drawing up a will to pass on your property. Having a properly devised will ensures that your family will not have to go through a costly probate, and rule of intestate succession (where your property may end up with someone you do not want to inherit such, or worse, someone you do not know) of your estate where attorneys fees and court costs often times eats up the assets of an estate. Often times we advise clients to form a trust to avoid the costly process of probating an estate.

Trusts – Once a trust is established and property is conveyed into such, said property would not be a part of the costly probate process. There are many different trusts that can be established, and such can be drawn up according to your needs.

Health Care Directive – A health care directive helps give your family clear directions on your wishes if an when you become incapacitated. Often times a health care directive prevents family disputes as to your wishes.

Power of Attorney – Again having a power of attorney helps your family settle your affairs and administer your assets.

In any event we always advise our clients to consult with a tax professional regarding the tax consequences of your estate planning choices.

Guardianship: We have extensive experience initiating guardianships to protect your loved ones, both contested and non-contested matters. Please call 808-331-3113 in Kona or 808-885-8533 in Kamuela for an appointment.

*Nothing herein constitutes legal advice, you should seek an attorney before you take any action, nor does anything herein create an attorney client relationship.