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Divorce Property Division and Kona Divorce Lawyers

In terms of marital property, Hawaii is an equitable distribution state. Assets, and debts, must be divided in such a way so the marriage dissolution is not an unfair financial burden for either party.

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If I Took a Chemical Test, Can a Kona DUI Attorney Still Help Me?

Back in ye olden days, this question was not as critical as it is today. Prior to the mid 1990s, a failed chemical test was only a presumption of intoxication. So, a Kona DUI attorney could use the full array of intoxication defenses.

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How Do Kona Divorce Lawyers Maximize Alimony Obligations?

In most states, spousal support is a standard component of a divorce decree. But Hawaii judges award alimony in less than 10 percent of the divorce cases in the Rainbow State.

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What to Expect in a Kamuela Divorce

The Rainbow State is a place like none other in the Union, and not just because it’s the land where palm...

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A DUI Guide for Hawaii People From a Kona DUI Lawyer

Hawaii has a lot to offer visitors, and everyone returns home with a different positive...

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