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How to Win your Personal Injury Claim in Kona

In Hawaii, accidents are more common than you think. In 2019, there were 108 traffic fatalities in Hawaii. Apart from road accidents, there are also slip-and-falls and dog bites, among other accidents that can lead to injuries or even fatalities.

If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you can file a personal injury claim in Kona. A personal injury claim can help you get the compensation that you can use to pay for your medical treatment and ensure a speedy recovery.

However, you need to be thoroughly prepared to win your personal injury claim in Kona and get maximum compensation. While your lawyer will help you prepare your case, there are a few things that you need to do as a plaintiff.

Here’s what you can and should do.

1. Document Your Medical Treatment

When you or your loved one is in an accident, the first thing you need to do is get medical attention. However, you also need to ensure that all documents, certificates, and bills related to your treatment are in order.

Your medical treatment is the primary evidence for filing your personal injury claim in Kona. Your lawyer will calculate the amount of compensation based on the extent of your medical treatment, among other things. That’s why you have to make sure every medical certificate and bill is accounted for before filing your claim.

You must also follow the treatment and medication prescribed by the doctors. If you don’t follow the treatment, and your health worsens, the other party won’t pay for additional treatment costs. It can also affect your existing compensation demand. So, make sure to do what the doctor says.

2. Document Other Evidence

You also need to document other evidence related to your personal injury claim. Using a camera or a smartphone, take photos of the accident as well as your injuries immediately. Make sure the pictures and videos you take are good-quality.

You also need to collect the contact details of the witnesses, if any. Make sure to jot down their names and phone numbers in a notebook. Your lawyer will talk to the witnesses to get the details of the accident. But, never fabricate the evidence as it will affect your claim negatively.

3. Never Talk about Your Case

Without your attorney present, you should avoid talking about your case with anyone. Insurance companies often try to trick you into accepting compensation that is much less than what you could get by following the legal process. They may also corner you into making a commitment or a statement that might affect your claim.

To avoid this, always communicate with the insurance company and the other party through your lawyer. Never talk about your case details, including your injuries or the evidence, to anyone except your attorney. Insurance companies or the defendant may try to twist seemingly innocent comments and use them against you. Once you have hired an attorney, follow their legal advice.

4. Consult a Kona Personal Injury Lawyer

Perhaps, the most critical step you will want to take after getting the treatment is to consult a personal injury lawyer in Kona. Make sure to find a competent and experienced attorney with a track record of handling cases similar to yours successfully.

However, never exaggerate or hide anything from your attorney. Be sure to share only facts, not fiction. For example, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, whether or not they may affect your claim, make sure to share them with the lawyer. The more transparent you are, the better job your attorney can do.

But most importantly, let your lawyer decide the next course of action. Remember, your lawyer is always looking out for your best interests. They also have legal knowledge and experience to choose the best possible option. And sometimes, settling can be a good option.

Never disagree or argue with your lawyer in front of the insurance company or other parties. If there are any issues you want to discuss, make sure to do it in private.

5. Be Patient

It may seem obvious, but this is an important tip. The legal process may seem complicated and time-consuming at times. However, you can’t afford to lose patience.

If you do, you may end up with the lowest possible compensation. Don’t stop your negotiations or change the course of action unilaterally. Be patient and trust the legal system. Your lawyer knows when to stop negotiations or change your action plan. Talk to them before making any decision.


As they say, it takes two to tango. You can let your lawyer figure out the legal process. But, as the victim, winning a personal injury claim in Kona requires you to take a few precautions as well. Make sure to keep these five tips in mind to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

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