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Settlement Offer in Kamuela

What Happens If I Reject a Settlement Offer in Kamuela?

When it comes to personal injury cases, settlement offer in Kamuela is common. The at-fault party and their insurance company are often interested in resolving these cases, even when they refuse to admit fault. It is important to remember that not every settlement offer is worth taking, however. If a settlement offer is not going to suit your needs, rejecting that offer might be in your best interest.

You have the right to reject a settlement offer in your personal injury case. What you do next is entirely up to you. Rejecting an offer does not mean the chances of resolving your case through a negotiated settlement are gone forever. Our firm could help you resolve your case in a favorable way after rejecting an unreasonable offer.


Why Do Insurance Companies Make Unreasonable Offers?

The unfortunate reality of personal injury cases is that insurance companies will not always act in good faith. Even when there is little doubt that you are entitled to compensation, insurers could refuse to make you the settlement offer you deserve.

These efforts are driven by profit. After all, insurance companies earn their money by avoiding claims they are liable for. This can lead to them making lowball offers—especially if they know you are not represented by an attorney. In some cases, it could even push the insurance company to reject your claim entirely. Having strong legal counsel by your side is the best option for dealing with insurance companies when they act in bad faith.


When a Settlement is Rejected in Kamuela

You are under no obligation to accept the first settlement offer that comes along in your injury case. In fact, insurance companies frequently make unreasonable offers early in the process. You have a few options when it comes to deciding how to respond to these offers. Once you decide to reject an offer, your options for moving forward include:

Make a Counter Offer

Negotiating a personal injury case can be a long, drawn-out affair. It is rare for these cases to be resolved through a single offer. Instead, there is usually a back-and-forth between both parties that can eventually result in a mutual agreement.

These negotiations have to start somewhere. Even when the other side is negotiating in good faith, their first offer is unlikely to be an adequate amount for you. Thankfully, these offers are also rarely “take it or leave it.”

The decision to reject an offer and make a counteroffer can be difficult. While there are times when the other side might refuse to negotiate further following a rejected settlement, most of the time counteroffers are commonly used. Our firm could help you determine if a counteroffer is in your best interest or not.

Stand Your Ground

When it comes to negotiating a personal injury settlement, there is a concept known as the “best and final offer.” If you have given your best and final offer, it means these are the most favorable terms you will ever agree to and you will not resolve your case for less.

In some cases, the offer made by the other side is simply not enough. You only have one opportunity to settle your personal injury case, and resolving your case for less than what you will need for your long-term expenses is not in your best interest. If you have made your best and final offer and the other side will not agree, it might be best to stand your ground. Over time, the other side might recognize that they need to make another attempt to settle your case.

File a Lawsuit

Insurance settlements are common, but they are never guaranteed. There are times when a lawsuit might be the only path forward for your injury claim. This is true for a number of reasons. In some cases, the defendant will refuse to accept fault. These defendants rarely agree to a settlement. In other cases, a settlement might not be financially feasible. In these cases, your best option might be to take the case to trial.


Let an Attorney Take the Lead in your Injury Case in Kamuela

Rejecting a settlement offer in Kamuela is often part of the personal injury process. Even if the first offer you receive is not worth accepting, you could still secure the fair result you deserve in the future.

The attorneys of Olson & Sons are ready to help you resolve your injury case in the most favorable way possible. If you are ready to move forward with your case, our firm looks forward to advocating on your behalf. Call the attorneys of Olson & Sons as soon as possible to schedule your free consultation.

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