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Injury Settlement in Kamuela

How Long Does Compensation Take After an Injury Settlement in Kamuela, HI?

If you have recently reached a settlement in your personal injury settlement in Kamuela, you are no doubt wondering when you might receive payment from the other side. The process of negotiating a settlement can take years, and any further delay can be frustrating. In most cases, you won’t have to wait long.

Even if you have reached an agreement with the at-fault party, the settlement does not become final until you formalize the agreement. This usually involves the execution of waivers and agreements by both parties.

If you are ready to settle your injury case, the team at Olson & Sons is here to help. Our attorneys understand how to help you avoid delays during the negotiation process. Reach out today to learn more.

The Time it Takes to Conclude the Case During a Settlement in Kamuela

There is no uniform amount of time it takes for plaintiffs in personal injury settlements in Kamuela to obtain their settlement funds. Once the settlement is formalized, the injured party typically receives a settlement check in a matter of weeks. However, there can be substantial delays between reaching an agreement and formalizing it.

Most negotiations are focused on the amount of compensation paid to you by the at-fault party. While this is likely the major issue at hand, secondary issues that were not initially covered in the settlement agreement could delay things when they arise later in the process.

Factors That Can Delay Payment

There are a number of factors that could delay the receipt of your settlement check. Some of these factors only apply when your settlement agreement has not yet been finalized. Other factors can apply in any situation.

Signing Releases

Most of the time, the insurance companies involved in your case will want a written release and settlement agreement. Your personal injury attorney could negotiate the terms of your settlement and release, which is a process that is often free from conflict. However, some cases raise unique issues in these negotiations that can lead to conflict. When conflict arises, delays can happen.

Paying Liens

You will also need to resolve any liens you have before you receive the final sum of your settlement. You could have a number of liens, including those related to your medical care. Often, doctors and hospitals will provide the treatment you in need in the aftermath of a crash. Instead of demanding payment right away, these parties could agree to accept payment after your injury case is settled. A lien is a formal recognition that these parties are owed money for your treatment. You will be unable to cash your settlement check for as long as there is a lien on your settlement.

Paying Attorney Fees

Most personal injury lawyers take these cases on a contingency basis. That means they are entitled to a percentage of any compensation they recover on your behalf. Before you get your share of the settlement, your attorney will take their portion first. While this does not necessarily result in a lengthy delay, it is another step in the process that must occur before you receive what you are owed.

Avoidable Delay

Unfortunately, some of the delays that can arise following a personal injury settlement are entirely avoidable. For example, the insurance company could drag its feet in issuing a check after all of the releases are signed by both parties. One of the benefits of working with an experienced personal injury lawyer is that they could ensure that you avoid these delays when possible.

How Can an Attorney Help During a Personal Injury Settlement in Kamuela?

Our firm could work tirelessly to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to receive your settlement. In many cases, this work begins right away by aggressively pursuing a settlement with the at-fault party. Our firm could work out the terms of the settlement agreement and release that protect your rights while avoiding major delays. Once the settlement is finalized, we can follow up with the insurance company to push them to send the check.

Talk to Olson & Sons About Your Settlement in Kamuela, HI

How long it takes to receive your settlement funds can depend on many factors. In some cases, you could be paid right away. In others, unexpected disputes over your settlement agreement could drag out this process for longer than you might expect.

The attorneys of Olson & Sons have settled countless personal injury cases. We understand what it takes to maximize your chance of recovery and avoid any delay in getting you paid. Before you try to settle your case alone, reach out to our firm. Call right away to schedule your free consultation with Olson & Sons.

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